Who’s Who at the King School: Hanna Wirtshafter

Who’s Who at the King School: Hanna Wirtshafter
Posted on 11/17/2023

Hanna Wirtshafter
has joined us as the new Assistant Principal at MLK!

Where were you working before joining the staff at MLK?
I was at the Morse School working as the Inclusion Specialist and a 4th grade Special Education teacher.

Why the change from Special Education?
I have always been interested in supporting the maximum number of kids that I can. That has always been really fulfilling for me. I was also interested in being where I can have a far reaching impact and in the opportunity to help lead and push a school. I love working with individual kids in classrooms and coaching. My last role was coaching in classrooms so this position allows me to have maximum reach while still being part of classrooms and with kids, staff and families.

What are your impressions of the King School so far?
I love how welcoming everyone has been. I love the diversity and the international flair that the school has.

There is a ton of expertise. We are really fortunate to have some really Knowledgeable, dedicated, invested staff, who are really excited to come and dig in every day. That’s definitely something that makes the school stand apart.

What is your goal for your first year at MLK?
My goal is to learn more about the culture and what makes MLK, MLK. What makes it tick but also to help. Be a listener and push things a little bit. One of the benefits of being new is that sometimes it’s helpful to have someone share their perspectives and get people to look at things a different way. I am hopeful that through collaboration we can make this a more inclusive school and help to meet everyone’s needs.

Any last words?
I am having a lot of fun. This job is really fun. Gerald has done a really good job of on boarding me so that I had time to observe, watch and learn and get my feet wet. I am enjoying being a part of things and helping and being a thought partner and learning and my door is always open.
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