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What is Social Emotional Learning?
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills for understanding and managing emotions, achieving goals, showing empathy, building positive relationships, and making responsible decisions. The CPS SEL curriculum is embedded within Health Education and school-based practices such as Responsive Classroom. Read more about SEL in CPS >>

 What type of screening does CPS conduct in the area of SEL?
The Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) is a 19 item rating scale that educators can use for universal screening of student risk for social-emotional and behavioral challenges for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Screening is the process of checking all students’ performance, similar to taking their temperature.

What does screening consist of?
The SAEBRS is quick to administer, taking approximately one to three minutes per student. Screenings are conducted up to three times per year to assess changes over time. Teachers complete the SAEBRS using a frequency rating scale (Never, Sometimes. Often, Almost Always) to document how often they observe a student exhibiting specific behaviors in these areas:

  • social behavior (e.g. cooperation with peers, impulsiveness)
  • academic behavior (e.g. interest in academic topics, distractedness)
  • emotional behavior (e.g. being adaptable to change, worrying).
Beginning in grade 2, students may self-assess their social, academic, and emotional behavior with the simple mySAEBRS tool. View the teacher and student survey questions >>

How is the SEL Screener used?
This screening tool is used in conjunction with academic screeners since academic and social emotional success are linked. SAEBRS may be used to assess students’ overall general behavior, as well as risk for specific challenges. Educators use the results from the screener to identify the most appropriate instructional and classroom supports. Use of the universal screening tool may also show patterns among larger groups of students and inform planning for whole class practices and instruction.

Do all schools use the SAEBRS?
Schools are increasingly adopting this screening tool, but it is used primarily in the elementary grades at this time. Schools may choose to use only the teacher portion, student portion, or both.

This information is adapted from information provided by FastBridge Learning.
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