Testing for Lead in Water

Testing Program for Lead in Water
The Cambridge Water Department regularly tests water samples from every CPS school for the presence of lead.

In 2016, CPS officials decided go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the law to ensure that all drinking water taps test below the “action level” set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of 15 ppb (15 parts per billion or 15 micrograms per liter or .015 milligrams per liter).

Samples were collected from every tap in CPS (with the exception of the 2 most recently renovated school buildings) in July 2016. Any tap exceeding 10 ppb (10 micrograms per liter or .01 milligrams per liter) was replaced. In some instances, risers feeding multiple taps also needed replacing to fully remediate the problem. In scattered instances, sinks were taken out of service or designated non-potable for hand-washing only.

As of October 2016, all drinking water taps tested at or below 10 ppb. Going forward, the District will continue to conduct extensive sampling and monitoring to ensure that drinking water continues to meet EPA standards in the future.


School Initial Results Actions to Resolve Status
Amigos 3 taps > 15 ppb
4 taps: 10-14ppb
2 taps replaced
1: taken out of service
4: non-potable signage
Baldwin 2 taps > 15 ppb
2 taps: 10-14ppb
4 taps replaced Resolved
Cambridgeport 5 taps > 15 ppb
1 taps: 10-14ppb
6 taps & 1 riser replaced Resolved
Fletcher Maynard
1 tap > 15 ppb
4 taps: 10-14ppb
4 taps replaced
1: non-potable signage
Graham and Parks
8 taps > 15ppb
1 tap 10-14 ppb
6 taps replaced
3: taken out of service
All taps met EPA standards Resolved
Kennedy-Longfellow & CSUS/PAUS
18 taps > 15ppb
11 taps: 10-14ppb
29 taps & 1 riser replaced
1: taken out of service
King Open/HSEP (359 Broadway)
11 taps > 15 ppb
1 tap: 10-14ppb
8 fixture Resolved
1 tap > 15ppb 1 tap replaced Resolved
All taps met EPA standards Resolved
10 taps > 15ppb
6 taps > 10ppb
15 taps replaced
1: taken out of service


Cambridge Water Department Testing Reports
As the table above demonstrates, all taps that initially tested at the "action level" have been remediated, taken out of service, or labeled "non-potable." Listed below are the lab reports from the Cambridge Water Department. Taps that exceeded the action level were re-tested, once action had been taken.

Amigos School

Baldwin School

Cambridgeport School

Fletcher Maynard Academy

Graham & Parks School

Haggerty School

King Open School

Kennedy-Longfellow School

Morse School

Peabody School

Tobin Montessori School



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