From Principal Yung: June 24, 2021

We did it! Teamwork makes the Dream work. I hope you have a great summer. I would like to thank all of you for coming together this challenging year. In particular, I would like to extend my deep appreciation and sympathy for those caregivers, educators, and students that were grieving with loss this year. It must have been so difficult to feel supported at a time when hugs could not be given and smiles not seen.

Here a few accomplishments that should be celebrated:

  • Thank you caregivers for preparing your children for the many in-person safety requirements and remote learning challenges. Our students came ready to learn, prepared, and had a positive school mindset which you deserve credit for!

  • Thank you to our 23 educators that we hired throughout the year—the majority hired in last-minute situations because of changes to our learning structure. (A few educators contributed so much this year without even setting foot in our school!) We know you had your pick of schools to work for in both our city and the Greater Boston area and we appreciate that you selected our school. We could not have done it without you.

  • Thank you to our existing educators for working closer than ever before to implement new curriculum, onboard and support new hires, and never losing sight of supporting the academic and social emotional needs of our students. All of our educators collaborated so well across the grades from our English Second Language to Special Education to Physical/Occupational to Art, Music, Library, Physical Education, and Chinese Mandarin Teachers. You are valued and appreciated for going the extra mile in a year that required it.

  • Thank you to our cafeteria staff for the “grab and go”’ breakfasts, lunches for both our building and the surrounding neighborhood, and to our lunch aides for delivering lunches on trays to our hallways or outsides each day.

  • Thank you to our custodians for keeping our school safe by cleaning our school building and high-touch areas. When we had to close classrooms, you responded quickly to disinfect and treat all areas.

  • Thank you to our bus drivers and monitors for implementing new bus safety guidelines, being on time, and adjusting so well to our early Wednesday schedules.

  • Our front office staff, Ms. Mason and Ms. Walker, for coordinating the many changes to our staffing and student schedules, intense logistical requirements, student pickup of materials, and for answering so many questions all year long.

  • Our coaches, Ms. Leon and Ms. Petitt, for assisting with academic support and leading continual school improvements. Thank you to our two Harvard University Principal Interns, Mr. Chen and Mr. Holland, for assisting with numerous tasks and asking thoughtful questions.

This year, MLK operated as two schools: remote and in-person. When we return in September, we will be in-person only. Although next year will hopefully feel like it always has been, the lived challenges and unique circumstances of this year will never be forgotten.

Have a wonderful, restful, and well-deserved summer vacation!

Gerald Yung

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