Community Involvement Report Back

Community Involvement Report Back
Posted on 04/06/2015
Over the past few weeks the 5th graders have traveled to the Food Pantry on Inman St. The students delivered food donations that were collected by third grade students. Here are a few highlights from the experience….

It is always good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, especially after this winter. The walk to the pantry was fun and refreshing. All of the students were visibly excited and each one had food to donate. Once inside, students were quickly assigned jobs and nobody complained. They were all happy to be helping out and giving back to their community. Some stocked shelves with the food we brought, while others organized previous donations or cleaned up excess packaging to be recycled.

Some students were shocked and saddened to learn about how many Cambridge residents don’t have enough to eat. Other students actually knew people who received weekly donations from the pantry. Most students were shocked to learn that in addition to the homeless population, many families with kids and elderly use the food pantries. All of the students were glad to know that a network of food pantries exist in Cambridge.
The walk back to school was lively and everyone felt good about volunteering. Some even spoke of helping out again during the week.

We would like to thank Dee Smith at the CEOC Pantry for allowing our students to come in and learn and Richard Lyons who accompanied Sarah Healy’s class to the pantry and provided us with the highlights.
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