King School Science Week

King School Science Week
Posted on 04/27/2015

ScienceThank you to all the parents and presenters who came in during our King School Science week which began on April 13th. Here is a quick overview of what the kids learned.

Rebecca Xiong (mom to Jackson)
"Building a Phone App". I'll explain

  • What is coding and why it's awesome?
  • What kind of code goes into a Phone App?
  • How does a Phone App show up on your phone?

Greg Beach
Gardener Greg loves to hang out with the plants, animals, fungus, and microorganisms that call the garden home. Learning about science has helped him make the garden a wonderful habitat for these living things. Science allows Gardener Greg to understand the needs of living things, to observe the weather and climate, and to design structures for the garden. Sometimes, learning science was challenging but Gardener Greg tried his best. Today, he is glad he did because science helps the garden grow everyday!

ScienceBill Hanage 
Germs are everywhere: all over our bodies, in our tummies, even in the air. We can't see them because they are so small, but they are really important for life. Of course they can also make us sick! We will talk about what germs are, what they do, and how we can stop them making us sick!

Jackie Lane
Sleep talk: My presentation is about what sleep is, why we sleep, and how humans and animals all sleep different.  

Genetics talk: My presentation is about why people in the same family might be similar.

Michael McDonald (Dad to Albin & Finnian)
Presentation on DNA - Decoding DNA

James Hill (Dad to Aurora & Irene)
Presentation on embedded data 

Kathryn Carr (Mom to Adam)

  1. Brief overview of Nursing and Midwifery 
    - Nursing - health and wellness
    - Midwifery - maintaining health and wellness
       during change

  2. What does being well or healthy mean? Discussion of possible ideas: social, physical, emotional

  3. What are ways we can be healthy? Discussion  of possible ideas: eating right, sleeping well, being kind, try not to judge, empathy, managing frustration

  4. Guided imagery on mindfulness. Ideas: snow globe, sounds, gratitude, breathing buddy, spider-man

Beth Truesdale (Mom to Leah and Erin)
A presentation on friction that would be appropriate for JK or 2nd grade. I would give the kids their own experiment: feathers and pennies to drop (so they can see which drops faster). Using pictures of different kinds of wheels that have different levels of friction, we can talk about what they are good for (eg, smooth metal wheels for the world's fastest land vehicle, narrow bicycle tires for indoor racing, fat bicycle tires for winter riding).  

Chris Lively (Mom to Winslow)
Presentation on sound - with the help of some instruments

Sara Nelson (Mom to Lincoln)
What do doctors hear with stethoscopes? Listen to different heart sounds and breath sounds and look at x-rays and pictures of the heart.

David Haines
Music and Science

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