Changes to the Parent-Run MLK Community Listserv

Changes to the Parent-Run MLK Community Listserv
Posted on 11/15/2019

This group is open to parents and caregivers of currently enrolled MLK students, as well as MLK teachers and staff. The goal is to provide a forum to share information across the MLK school community, facilitate dialogue about policies that impact our children’s social, emotional, and academic growth, and encourage the community to engage with MLK Friends, the school’s parent group. Parents established this listserv to be a community-building resource, so we ask all in our community to follow these guidelines.

We ask that all posts be related to the MLK Community, such as school events, school news, and calls for volunteers at school activities. MLK Friends will post meeting dates and times, meeting minutes, news that affects our school, initiatives such as the annual appeal, and school events. Requests to discuss new ideas and events, extracurricular activities that may interest the MLK community, and issues that may affect your child (and impact other children as well) are also encouraged. 

To encourage usage of the forum, be topical and concise - everyone is busy so we ask that you please:

  • Identify yourself so the group can get to know you (e.g., Christina (mom - 4th grader)
  • Be mindful that this is a SHARED listserv and not a personal blog
  • Be sure that the content is of interest to the MLK community at large
  • Be concise - try to limit word count to 250 words - be thankful this is not Twitter!
  • If you have more to share, invite parents to start an email/private message discussion off-line
  • Limit postings to 1-3 times per week
  • Do not advocate for a particular political campaign (starting a discussion is fine), or to promote a personal business
  • Do not discuss the performance of specific school staff, administrators, or teachers. General discussion of policies and their impact is fine.

Please note that we are committed to providing a forum that is respectful of students’ parents and caregivers, teachers, staff, and the greater community. Lively discussion is welcome, but posts that contain rumors, hearsay, and personal attacks are not acceptable and will be deleted.

More information about our school is found at the MLK School Website and the MLK Friends Website.

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