From Principal Yung: October 31, 2016

Dear Families,

Our core value for next month is Respect. In its most traditional form, respect is about following norms and expected customs. For our students, another way to think about what respect means is to focus on the relationship and consideration aspects. Respect means that you care about another person’s feelings. Examples include being courteous and polite to our cafeteria staff during breakfast and lunch lines, holding the door for others, not saying mean things, and taking turns to talk (not interrupting). I overheard one of our fourth grade students explaining it her to class as “respect is being nice to others, don’t be rude, and follow directions you were given.” We invite you to join us at home in focusing on respect for upcoming month.

Last year’s PARCC results were mailed home earlier this week to families in grades 3-5. Please let us know if you do not receive them by the end of next week. The results will look different from past years because of the way that PARCC reports.  This school year, all students in Massachusetts will take a revised version of MCAS.

Please remember to start preparing for the colder weather. Students should have hats and gloves/mittens. We highly recommend labeling clothing as they often get lost. Please note that our students are expected to go outside for recess during fall and winter in snow and cold (unless it is below 10 F degrees). Students should be prepared with snow pants and waterproof boots in winter months. If families need any assistance, please contact our family liaison Marguerite Hicks-Gyewu at 617.349.6454.

Finally, please save the date: Parent Conferences are Wednesday, November 9th. Our November Parent Conference is a very important time to connect with teachers to learn about how your child is progressing and ways to support the learning at home. If you are unable to attend, we hope that you do connect with your child’s teachers either by rescheduling or on the phone. This week will be a busy one with our multi-day Book Fair and mock Presidential Election.

Yours truly,

Gerald Yung, Principal