From Principal Yung: October 6, 2016

It was great to see so many of you at our September Open House. Our students are off to a terrific start in so many ways. We recently reviewed the progress of every single student and planned with teachers to provide support in math and English language arts. Just as we seek to keep you updated on your child’s progress, please feel comfortable reaching out to your teacher regarding any concerns. 

We were recently ranked a Level 1 School by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Based on the standardized test scores of all students in grades 3-5, this is the highest ranking and an important measure of our academic progress. I would like to thank students, teachers, and our families for the hard work that goes into achieving this recognition.

King School Core Values: Starting this year, we will recognize students during our monthly assemblies that demonstrate the following core values: Respect (Nov), Caring/Compassion (Dec), Equity/Patience (Jan), Pride/Self-esteem (Feb), Courage/Perseverance (Mar), Honesty/Fairness (April), Community (May), Cooperation/Good Sportsmanship (June)

Responsibility is our value for the month!
Responsibility: To carry out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly; be able to count on, depend or trust.

Our teachers will also reinforce these important values throughout the month in a variety of activities. Please feel free to join us in this endeavor at home!

New School Council Members:
Thank you to those that voted and ran for election to our School Council. We appreciate your investment and involvement in our school. We would like to welcome our two newest members: Joshua Komyerov and Ibrahim Mohamed.