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Channel 98/99

Programming at the Media Arts Studio

CEATV oversees two Cambridge cable channels: SMART TV98 and CPS TV99 serving the Cambridge community, and especially the educational community affiliated with the Cambridge Public School system. Also, visit our MediaCAST portal for current student produced programs.

To submit your media to CEATV please complete a cablecast form.

Channel 98:

SMART TV98 (Student-Media-ART Television) cablecasts professionally produced educational programs, original work from students and faculty, school events including sports and programming acquired from other educational access facilities. For viewing issues, please contact Brad Glanden at

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Channel 99:

CPS TV99 (Cambridge Public School Television) highlights school news and information including school committee meetings and programs from other educational, nonprofit, and government sources. For viewing issues, please contact Brad Glanden at

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Electronic Bulletin Board

The electronic Bulletin Board is an up-to-date source for information about the school district and Cambridge community. Bulletin Board messages play between programs and appear about 20 times a day.

To post an announcement or event:

  • Design a notice with the message and email Ginny Berkowitz. We would prefer to receive it as a PowerPoint file.
  • Or simply send an email to Ginny Berkowitz with your information as text and we will create the slide for you.

Weekly Highlights
March 19 - 25, 2018
SmartTV 98
Schedule & Streaming

Youth View Cambridge: Student News Magazine (New Episode!)
Thu. 9PM & Sun. 7PM

Media Makers: Student-Produced Animation
Mon. 10PM & Sun. 8PM

Celebrating Women’s History Month:
Baby Blue Arts: Lumina Women’s Ensemble

Wed. 9:30PM & Sat. 1:30PM

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck: Plan 9 from Outer Space
Sat. 11PM

Schedule & Streaming

School Committee Regular Meeting (Live)
Tue. 6PM

School Committee Budget Workshop (Live)
Thu. 6PM

Legal Ease: Hiring Employees
Wed. 7:30PM & Sun. 7:30PM