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Science Week 2016

Science Week 2016
Posted on 05/10/2016

Did you know gold is actually the ash of a dying star? Have you ever thought about our bodies as cities full of cells? Have you wondered how scientists are looking for life in outer space? Do you know what you are breathing into your lungs? Does melting arctic sea ice raise sea levels?

These are just a few of the questions students at the King School pondered this week during our Science Week, April 11-15. Students were treated to presentations from a number of our parents who work in science and technology fields. Many thanks to Christopher Carr, Frank Keutsch, Lynette Sholl, Sara Nelson, Rebecca Xiong, Tao Ye and Christina Lively for their fascinating and thought-provoking presentations on searching for life beyond earth, rocks and minerals, climate change, mineral deposits in the lungs, pediatrics, nutrition labels, the immune system, artificial intelligence and the science of sound. What an unique learning opportunity for students and teachers!