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Read Across America Ends with a...Dance Party!

Read Across America Ends with a...Dance Party!
Posted on 05/20/2015
Dance PartyYes, Read Across America is an annual nationwide event that takes place in March. Yes, we know that it is now May. But, this year, we set ourselves a goal of reading our way to the moon. Each page that is read and logged by participating students counts as 1 mile, which means it will take 238,900 pages read for us to reach the moon.

Well, we did it! About 154 students and a few teachers who participated by counting their classroom read-alouds read our way to the moon and then some. The grade that rallied to read the most number of pages was the 2nd grade, followed by the 3rd grader, and 4th graders. Individual students who read the most during the event in each grade received a book and a free pass to the Eric Carle Museum. What a great show of effort and we hope everyone will keep on reading!