Traffic Delays Expected to Continue

Traffic Delays
Posted on 10/31/2017
Families may be noticing significant delays on most CPS bus routes this week. A last burst of roadway construction, along with weather changes and unexpected traffic incidents has been leading to severe traffic delays within the City of Cambridge this week.

Although delays may occur on any given day, the pattern is inconsistent, and we therefore ask families of bus riders to be ready at bus stops at the usual time.

As a reminder, bus delays beyond 20 minutes will be sent out via Twitter @cps_buses and the CPS online Bus Tracker can be used to track the GPS location of most of our CPS buses.

Bus Tracker Service is available on 32 CPS bus routes, but is not available on the following:
  • Black Seal
  • Celtics
  • Gold Lion
  • Green Alligator
  • Patriots
  • Red Sox
  • Revolution
  • White Wolf.
We are working to restore or add bus tracker service to these remaining routes, and apologize for any inconvenience caused to bus riders. We are also reviewing services that would provide GPS tracking to mini-bus and van service, as well.

Please note: the estimated arrival time in Bus Tracker can become increasingly inaccurate in worsening traffic. Families may find it that the map view provides the most accurate sense of the current location of the bus. Use the refresh button to see the bus move along its route.

In addition to these CPS communication tools, families may find it helpful to use mobile applications such as Waze or to view the @WazeTrafficBOS Twitter feed to get a sense of how traffic is moving on a particular day.

We continue to monitor traffic to determine whether any bus route changes are appropriate. If you have any questions about transportation, many common questions can be answered on the Transportation website.

Thank you for your patience, and to those planning on trick-or-treating, stay safe tonight!