Superintendent's Message on Recent Tragedies

Superintendent's Message on Recent Tragedies
Posted on 10/02/2017
Dear CPS Families:

Just as we were preparing to reach out regarding our preparation for families affected by the devastating natural disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean, we learned of the horrific violence that has occurred in Las Vegas.

Our hearts and thoughts have been with all of you who have lost loved ones or been affected by these tragedies, whether directly or indirectly. If your family is going through a difficult time due to these events, or because of another personal tragedy, please know that CPS is here to help. If there is a teacher, family liaison, Principal or other staff member you know and trust, please let them know what your family is going through.

Experiences of tragedy and loss can create intense stress for families, and it will be helpful for the school to know that your child may be feeling some of the strain. If you would like help connecting with local resources – medical care, food assistance, or simply someone to talk to – please reach out. You may find it helpful to read some advice from Riverside Trauma Center: The ongoing rebuilding efforts, particularly in Puerto Rico, Dominica, and other Caribbean islands have led to a massive effort to help their extended families to relocate to the mainland United States. Here in Massachusetts, there has been an effort underway to ensure that the transition to new schools and communities will go as smoothly as possible. You can read more about the Greater Boston response to these disasters here: Please know that our schools and community will work to provide every newcomer with a warm welcome. For any children who relocate, we will do our best to make the school registration process as smooth as possible, and our staff members are prepared to help connect you with resources that you or your family may need in the days ahead. Together with our partners in Public Health, Human Services, and the rest of the city, we will do our best to ensure that families affected by these devastating events will be provided with the support they need to heal from the traumatic experience that they have endured.


Kenneth N. Salim, Ed.D.