Superintendent's Update on Yesterday's Incident

Superintendent's Update on Yesterday's Incident
Posted on 09/26/2017
Dear CPS Community,

I am writing to provide a brief message of reassurance regarding yesterday's missing student incident. Even though Cambridge is a very safe city, this incident was frightening for all of us. It was such a relief when the student was found.

Please know that the school and family responded quickly and appropriately, and that the police were professional, efficient, and concerned for both safety and the privacy of all involved. Initially, it was unclear whether the student had walked someplace on her own instead of straight home, or whether foul play might have been involved. When the police decided it was time to turn to the community, we spread the word more broadly. Thankfully, now that the student has been found, it is clear that there was never a threat to public safety. We hope this information is reassuring.

At this time, we also ask that you allow for privacy for the family in the aftermath of this incident.

I would like to thank Principal Ford and the staff at the Peabody School for their attention to both the safety of the student and the emotional safety of the school community. Thanks as well to the Cambridge Police, who organized and managed the search process and communication with the community, which resulted in her being found safe within her neighborhood.

Above all, please know that there are a lot of people looking out for CPS students. As a community, we will do everything we can to keep kids safe.


Kenneth N. Salim, Ed.D.