Nationwide Equity Study Spotlights CPS

Nationwide Equity Study Spotlights CPS
Posted on 10/14/2016

Cambridge Public Schools is one of nine school systems and charter schools profiled in a report on school integration efforts, released today by The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank with offices in New York, NY and Washington, DC. The introductory paragraph of the report highlights the intention behind this report:

At a time when American society is being torn along racial, ethnic, economic, and religious lines, school leaders in a small but growing number of districts are quietly taking steps to make things better. Largely under the radar, school boards and superintendents are making deliberate efforts to bring students of different backgrounds together in order to improve learning for all. According to The Century Foundation’s latest inventory, one hundred school districts and charter schools across the country—educating over 4 million students—have decided that separate schooling for rich and poor, and for students of different races, is fundamentally at odds with the American Dream and the national ideal of e pluribus unum.

Read their profile of Cambridge's process for building more equitable schools in the full report.