Reassuring Drinking Water Lead Test Results

Reassuring Drinking Water Lead Test Results
Posted on 04/06/2016

Each year the Cambridge Water Department tests for lead in the drinking water at Cambridge Public Schools. The tests are typically taken from water fountains in the buildings. The link below lists the results for the years 1993 through 2015. 

As you can see, current results are well within acceptable levels. The Water Department has informed us that action must be taken if lead levels meet or exceed 15 parts per billion  (15 micrograms per liter or .015 milligrams per liter). No school results exceeded 7 parts per billion (.007 micrograms per liter) and most tested at less than 1 part per billion (.001 milligrams per liter).

No CPS school has tested at the action level since 2007, and school renovations at CRLS resolved the problem. Prior to that time there were occasions when the detection level reached the action threshold and the District worked with the Water Department to resolve the issue. The most common cause for lead detection reaching the action level was the presence of an older type of water fountain often called a water bubbler. CPS no longer has any fountains/bubblers of this type.

CPS is posting this information as part of our ongoing efforts to monitor and improve sustainability measures and environmental health within our schools and buildings. In the future we will publish the results of these tests annually.

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